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Flexible PowerSuite Deployment - Internet Browser & Sabre Red App

Updated: May 4, 2021

Being a travel consultant, you may want to provide a fast and responsive service to customers while making trips in Sabre host with a seamless transition in PowerSuite. Being an accountant, you may want to better manage the accounts receivables and payables without Sabre host interaction. Being a manager, you may just want to quickly review the business performance of your customers and travel consultants. No matter what your business role, PowerSuite provides different operational modes to meet your needs.

For an accountant or management team members who do not have high levels of interactions with Sabre host, you may operate PowerSuite in Internet Browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari. You can log into PowerSuite to review bookings, dashboard and tasks, manage accounts receivable/payable, and perform reconciliations and reporting anytime, anywhere.


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