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PowerSuite Integrates with TravelPay B2B

PowerSuite is furthering its partnership with TravelPay to integrate with TravelPay B2B, streamlining the payment process for travel agencies. Coupled with TravelPay’s existing customer card payment integration, this will enhance the travel agencies' experience in processing payments.

At PowerSuite, we are committed to promoting operational efficiency and minimizing time spent on repetitive processes while ensuring data accuracy. With the TravelPay B2B integration, PowerSuite agencies can process the TravelPay B2B payment within PowerSuite. Travel agencies can process supplier payments on time to secure the booking, spend more time with their customers and focus on selling.

PowerSuite, Associate Director of Business Development, Jancy Leung, said “PowerSuite had a great experience working with TravelPay to integrate customer payments, and we are excited to extend this partnership to include TravelPay B2B supplier payment integration”.

Cath Bisaro, Head of TravelPay, said “We valued the partnership with PowerSuite, to ensure increased productivity and efficiency for agents when processing any payments via TravelPay or TravelPay B2B within the PowerSuite system."

Reach our PowerSuite Support team at to guide you in setting up the automation payment workflow.

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