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"We have recently engaged the services of the Powersuite technical team to complete the transition from SAM to PowerSuite.


Whilst the scope of the work has proved to be quite complex due to the volume of data that had to be transferred across from SAM and the additional work that was required to allow for a smooth processing of online bookings during the transition period, we have found the team to be extremely responsive, understanding of the requirements and efficient in developing solutions and time saving features to assist our reservations and accounts teams.  


Some of the benefits that we have discovered whilst using Powersuite are the ease of the BSP reconciliation and refunding procedures, the auto-receipting, invoicing and costing creation in PowerSuite when used in conjunction with the Sabre eCommerce Leisure booking platform and the easing of the challenges of un-receipted bookings that can happen in SAM.


We thoroughly recommend the platform to agencies that are transitioning from SAM and are looking forward to the time and cost efficiencies that will be derived once we return to a normal, post-pandemic trading situation."

Chip Popescu | Managing Director

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