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How PowerSuite Helps Our Customers Along the Way


Express Travel Group / Independent Travel Advisors

"Express Travel Group/Independent Travel Advisors have very much enjoyed an excellent working relationship with PowerSuite over the past 18 months. Their pre and post-sales service and tech support is just outstanding!


The main concern of many businesses when it comes to changing their Mid-Office system is data migration. However, from our experience, the cutting over from SAM to PowerSuite has been a smooth and seamless process.


In regards to workflow and useability, PowerSuite provides an end to end Front to Mid-Office integration workflow for Consultants.


In addition, their user-friendly Customer & Booking Profile functionality provides thorough recording, accuracy and efficiency, and most importantly, the system provides extensive reports. ie Sales, Cost of Sales and Commission Reports."

Ari Magoutis | Executive General Manager

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